My media career started when I was 19 and I became a reporter in a weekly factual entertainment TV programme. After working 4 years there I learnt successful interview techniques, researched and produced interesting and dynamic stories from idea through to edit. While doing my master degree in Journalism at Birmingham City University I developed my skills in storytelling, filming and editing, discovering my strengths, and finally took the decision that I want to build a career as a producer.

I then worked as part of the production team on the observational documentary Benefits Street, which has become one of the most successful programmes for Channel 4 in over a year. While working on this production I was actively involved in the creation of the story by helping the editors and producers find interesting quotes and scenes, contributing with ideas and transcribing footage on FORscene. I am now working at a postproduction facility, Crow TV, where Endemol are editing Supersize vs Superskinny for Channel 4. Working in postproduction has given me a better understanding of the complete process of producing a TV programme.

As a motivated young person I am always keen on learning new skills and getting involved in as many freelance projects as possible outside of work. By using my weekends I have filmed and edited 3 music videos in the winter of 2013. This helped me improve my technical skills and learn how to be more creative in filming and in editing.

In February, March and April 2014 I started developing an enterprise idea, Loupe Stories, with two of my university colleagues. For this short period we managed to produce a short online documentary and numerous lifestyle videos about Birmingham. As a result of our hard work we were contacted by the Trinity Mirror and Birmingham Mail to discuss the opportunity to work together.





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